Registration Information

Adult Education Registration Process

Step 1 - Complete the Contact Information Form

  • Complete the Adult Education Contact Information Form. This form must be completed each school year.
  • Contact information provided on this form is used by the Adult Education office to communicate important information during the registration process.

Step 2 - Schedule an Assessment Appointment

  • Check for an email from the Adult Education office providing information on the registration process.
  • Schedule an assessment appointment using a link found in the registration process email.
  • Contact the Adult Education office if you do not receive the registration information email.

Step 3 - Attend Your Assessment Appointment

  • The placement assessment is used to determine skill level and help with registering for the correct class.
  • Registration will be completed at the assessment appointment.
  • Be sure to bring a photo ID with your name and birthdate listed to the appointment.

Step 4 - Pay for Classes

Start the registration process today!