VHSL Eligibility Guidelines

Virginia High School League (VHSL) Student Eligibility Requirements

  1. Bona Fide Student Rule: You must be enrolled in and in good standing in the school you represent.
  2. Grade Rule: You must be enrolled in the last four years of high school.
  3. Scholarship Rule: You must have passed at least five credit subjects, or the equivalent, at the end of the previous semester and be enrolled in and remain continuously enrolled in at least five credit subjects, or the equivalent, during the current semester. (Under most 4x4 block plans, one block is the equivalent of two traditional credits and a student who takes/passes three is taking/passing the equivalent of six.)
  4. Age Rule: You must not have reached your 19th birthday on or before the first day of August of the current school year.
  5. Transfer Rule: You must sit out of VHSL activities for 365 calendar days following a transfer to the school unless the transfer corresponded with a family move into the school attendance zone. Eighth and ninth graders are automatically eligible wherever they enroll at the beginning of the year. (Please check with your principal or athletic/activities director for exceptions.)
  6. Semester Rule: You may participate for no more than eight consecutive semesters following your initial enrollment in the ninth grade, whether or not you have remained continuously enrolled.
  7. Amateur Rule: You must be an amateur who participates only for the educational, physical, mental and social benefits derived from the activity.
  8. Awards Rule: You must not accept in recognition of athletic ability any award not approved by your school or the Virginia High School League.
  9. All-Star Rule: Only seniors who have completed their eligibility in a sport may participate in one all-star game in that sports season.
  10. Consent Form/Physical: You must have submitted a complete copy of a current Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form, including the required physical by a doctor, prior to practice, tryouts or membership on any school athletic team, including cheer.

You must earn the privilege to participate in interscholastic athletics and activities by meeting these standards, plus any other requirements established by either the school or the League. The standards listed here are a summary of the rules, many of which have detailed exceptions or interpretations. If you have any questions about your eligibility or about how specific activities might affect that eligibility, please check with your principal or athletic/activities director. By meeting the intent and spirit of League standards, you will prevent yourself, your team, your school and your League from being penalized.