World Languages

Parent/Guardian input needed - respond by Feb. 23

The World Languages Program is beginning an instructional resource adoption for Spanish and Spanish for Fluent Speakers Levels I – III. During the evaluation process, administrators in the central office World Language program convene teachers, administrators, and parents who are tasked with evaluating textbooks.

We are seeking bilingual (Spanish/English) parents or guardians who are willing to serve on either of the committees reviewing secondary instructional resources for Spanish and/or Spanish for Fluent Speakers. These committees will provide input toward our selection of core instructional resources for those programs. This project will take place quickly over the next two months and will require an investment of time. However, evaluations will be able to be performed, in large part, from home.

It should be noted that any meetings for the committee would be via Zoom after school hours.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Betsy Campagna, Supervisor of World Languages, by Feb 23rd at or 703-791-8706.

Welcome to World Languages


Language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) will educate students to communicate both linguistically and culturally in our own multicultural society and abroad. Knowledge of more than one language and culture enables students to do the following:

  • Communicate with people of other cultures.
  • Develop insight into their own language and culture.
  • Expand their world view.
  • Develop appreciation, sensitivity, and respect for all people.
  • Access authentic sources of information directly.
  • Participate more fully in the global community and marketplace.


To provide world-class, rigorous, and engaging world language instruction in accordance with PWCS and Virginia Department of Education standards that prepare all students to be responsible global citizens.

The study of world languages enables students to acquire the communicative skills and perspectives necessary to be an active member of our multicultural society and to gain a sense of belonging to the global community.

Given that language study encompasses literature, geography, history, science, math, the arts, and the use of technology, students gain interdisciplinary perspectives as well as intercultural understanding, our goal is to create lifelong learners who develop and maintain proficiency in more than one language.

World Languages Central Office Staff

Betsy Campagna, Supervisor

Richard Pardo, Administrative Coordinator, Dual Language Immersion (DLI)

Clara Pérez, Specialist, Professional Development, DLI

Viviana Quiceno, Administrative Coordinator, World Languages

Karen Fulton, Administrative Assistant