Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs

Overview of PWCS World Language School Programs

PWCS value the language and cultural diversity represented in our students, staff, and parents. An average of 120 languages are represented by the students in our schools.

The formal study of world languages in our programs in Kindergarten through grade 12 ensure that all students learn the value of being bi-and multi-lingual in a world where there are over 6,000 known languages spoken. PWCS currently offer nine different languages for study: Arabic, ASL (American Sign Language), French, German, Italian, Korean, Latin, Russian, and Spanish along with Spanish for Fluent Speakers courses. Language offerings will vary in each school depending on enrollment, student interest, and funding.

Learning another language formally also provides students with their own personal experience in "walking in the shoes" of their peers and adults who have to learn English as another language and hopefully make them more empathetic and supportive of those who experience that reality in our schools and community.

We hope that all PWCS students become good, positive, and caring ambassadors of all people in the world.

For specifics about each level of world language program offerings and details, use the headings on the left menu for our elementary, middle, and high school programs. Please note that language offerings may slightly change each year depending on enrollment, student interest, and funding; however, the basic PWCS world programs remain consistent and world-class in every school.