Elementary School Program

Two types of Elementary World Language Programs

PWCS currently has two main types of elementary schools where students start the early study of French or Spanish in kindergarten or first grade with similar curriculum and instruction divisionwide.

  • These schools serve all students in their schools who normally attend that school in addition to allowing for an annual transfer in process for rising first grade students in designated neighbor schools through an application process.
  • All schools offer Spanish except Signal Hill and Lake Ridge Elementary Schools offer French.

The two types of schools are:

  1. The World Language Specialty Program Schools
    • Tyler Elementary School
    • Signal Hill Elementary School
    • Enterprise Elementary School
    • Lake Ridge Elementary School
    • River Oaks Elementary School
  2. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools
    • Buckland Mills Elementary School
    • Ellis Elementary School
    • Mullen Elementary School
    • Rosa Parks Elementary School
    • Antietam Elementary School

Elementary Specialty Programs webpage


Which students participate?

Both types of schools serve all students in their schools in addition to the opportunity for students living in specific geographic boundaries and in identified elementary neighboring schools to transfer into their school in first grade as capacity allows.

Curriculum and Instructional Model

  • All elementary schools follow a similar instructional model, Pacing Guides, and curriculum with some minor variations depending on their frequency of instruction weekly.
  • These schools offer French or Spanish from grades kindergarten or first grade through fifth grade in a content-related program model where the main goal is to develop some basic communication skills and cultural knowledge of the "target" or language of study with integration and reinforcement of some content objectives in math, social studies, science, and the Arts as time allows.