Types of World Language Middle Schools

PWCS has different types of world language program schools among its middle schools divisionwide. They are:

  • Regular Middle School and Traditional School Programs
    • Benton, Bull Run, Gainesville, Graham Park, Marsteller, The Nokesville School, Pennington, Porter, Potomac, Potomac Shores, Reagan, Rippon, Saunders, Woodbridge
  • World Language Specialty Schools
    • Fred Lynn, Lake Ridge, Parkside
  • International Baccalaureate Programme Middle Years Programme (MYP) Schools
    • Beville, Fred Lynn, Hampton, Unity Braxton

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Curriculum and Instruction in all World Language Middle Schools

Students can earn a high school credit in the formal study of French, German, Spanish and/or Spanish for Fluent Speakers as world language courses in middle school.

The curriculum is the same in these courses offered in middle school as in high school; however, teachers select resources more appropriate for the younger age of students.

In some specialty middle schools, the schedule allows for more instructional time in a year or over two years of study, and thus, this allows for the inclusion of additional, project-based learning and engaging practices for enhancement, aligned with the needs of the younger middle school student.

Regular Middle Schools

These schools serve their own students and may offer French, German, Spanish and/or Spanish for Fluent Speakers for high school credit in eighth grade depending on student interest.

A few of these schools offer a non-credit elective course called Introduction to World Languages in sixth or seventh grades as funding allows.

Traditional Schools

Pennington and Porter known as the Traditional Specialty Program Schools serve students who have transferred in following an annual application process and serve students in first through grade 8.

Read more about the transfer process for Traditional Schools

Each of their world language offerings may vary depending on student interest and funding.

PWCS World Language Specialty Program School

These World Language Specialty Middle Schools serve all of the students in their schools in addition to others who may apply through an annual transfer process to join this special interest-based program.

They generally offer the first half of French, German (Lake Ridge only), Spanish, or Spanish for Fluent Speakers 1A in sixth grade, the second half or 1B in seventh grade, earning one high school credit upon successful completion of both parts of the course. Then in eighth grade, they may take the level 2 course for these languages, thus earning two Carnegie units of high school credit.

View the course curriculum and Pacing Guides for these courses like those offered in one year in high school.

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International Baccalaureate Programme MYP Schools

The MYP Middle Schools have the whole school program model in which all students of the school are in the MYP programme in grades 6 through 8. Students may transfer in on an annual basis through an application process based on their interest.

Their specific world language courses may vary in each school and from year to year depending on student interest and funding. However, IB requires the study of a world language in every grade, even if what they call the "carousel" or introduction of world languages type course in sixth grade. The Introduction to World Languages course is a non-credit class in sixth grade (follow the link to the course description, curriculum, and Pacing Guides). Generally, a French, Spanish or Spanish for Fluent Speakers 1 A class is offered seventh grade, and the 1B same course in eighth grade earning one high school credit after completion of both parts. A middle school may also offer a level 1 French or Spanish course in seventh grade and a level 2 course in eighth grade. Course sequences may vary from year to year depending on student interest and funding.

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