Schools to Receive Custom Interior Recycling Bins

All schools and facilities will receive custom, interior recycle bins for high-traffic areas and prominent locations. Bins are distributed by Energy & Sustainability in the Office of Facilities Services.

Assembly of the bins will be completed by schools. Energy & Sustainability recommends that students on green teams, clubs, or groups needing service hours assemble the bins. In addition to providing you with the paper instructions, our team has created a step-by-step assembly video. The video is embedded below.

Each site will receive a designated number of bins based on total population. Bins will be delivered by the carton, with 4 bins per carton. On average, schools will receive the following number of bins:

  • Elementary Schools - 4 (population under 600) or 8 (population over 600)
  • Middle Schools - 12
  • High Schools - 24

During assembly - should you find that you are missing parts or pieces, please notify the Energy Management Team.

For questions regarding recycling or bin distribution, please email Energy & Sustainability at [email protected].