Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University (ODU) offers two programs and recertification/continuing education options:

A certificate program for provisionally licensed teachers. This is a four course, online program that offers the four commonly required courses for licensure required of provisional teachers. Our college also offers additional instructional strategies courses that fall outside the certificate. We can offer teachers a 25% tuition discount on the certificate courses if they are enrolled in the program. ODU information on the Certificate Program for Provisionally Licensed Teachers

A Master of Science in Education (M.S.Ed) program for licensed early childhood, elementary and secondary teachers. This is a 30-credit, online program, with the exception of some courses for the early childhood offerings. If provisionally licensed teachers complete the certificate program, they can carry over up to 12 credit hours from the certificate to the master's degree. Again, we can offer a 25% tuition discount on the program courses if they are enrolled in the program. ODU information on the M.S.Ed program

Many of the courses offered in the master's program are of interest to teachers who seek one-off course offerings for continuing education and recertification points. In the attached handout, I highlight four courses your teachers may be interested in taking. We have additional course offerings beyond those four. If teachers are interested in learning about other options, they can contact me for additional information. These courses are offered asynchronously online and in short-session format (six-to-seven weeks in length). Like the two programs, teachers can receive a 25% tuition discount as long as we have an active tuition discount agreement between ODU and your school division. If one does not exist, we can seek one out.