Overview of the Program

Community Use of PWCS Facilities

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Prince William County Public Schools' (PWCS) Community Use of School Facilities Program presents residents, businesses, organizations, and other interested parties the opportunity to rent the school facilities during times when classes are not normally in session. Activities may take place in the evenings, on holidays, and weekends, and are subject to availability based upon the school.

School buildings are first and foremost there to serve the educational needs of students within their respective communities. Locations able to rent their facilities may do so, but not at the expense of educating students.

Activities conducted in schools must be orderly and lawful, not of a nature to incite others to disorder, and not restricted by reason of race, religion, sex, creed, or national origin.

Renters are encouraged to become familiar with the expectations and responsibilities while using PWCS facilities by reviewing the following:

To learn more about the most common types of permissible activities, how to rent the school facilities, and other pertinent information, please use the main navigational menu.

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