Playground Safety


Playground Composite The Risk Management and Security Department manages the Playground Safety Program in a continuing effort to provide quality, well-maintained, clean, and safe playgrounds for our schools and public use.

If you have any questions pertaining to playground issues, please contact the Risk Management and Security Department or refer to Regulation 401.01-5, "Playground Safety Program."

Valuable Resources for Playground Safety

Regulation and Forms

Regulation 401.01-5, "Playground Safety Program," outlines this office's requirements for playgrounds. Below are the attachments included with this regulation for your use:

  • Attachment A - Planning Guidelines
  • Attachment B - Request for Purchase of Playground Equipment
  • Attachment C - Playground Installation Checklist
  • Attachment D - Playground Base
  • Attachment E - Playground Equipment Repair Form
  • Attachment F - Documentation of Completed Playground Repair
  • Attachment G - Daily Playground Safety Checklist
  • Attachment H - Monthly Playground Safety Checklist