PWCS Cares for Students with Diabetes

Questions about how Prince William County Public Schools handles the needs of students with diabetes have come up following rumors and misinformation concerning some confidential student cases. PWCS is prohibited from commenting on specific student matters. However, appropriate PWCS staff, including one of only two School Nurses who are Certified Diabetic Educators in all of Virginia, are trained and committed to ensuring student health and wellbeing.

  • PWCS safeguards the health of students with diabetes by following all Virginia requirements and by adhering closely to their specific physician directives contained in the Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) submitted for each student at the start of every school year.
  • Nurses and other diabetes trained personnel can only administer insulin and glucagon, and adjust insulin pumps and other equipment to the extent allowed by the student's doctor in their DMMP. They seek to meet family expectations, but cannot exceed doctors' orders and legal requirements.
  • We develop an Individual Health Care Plan based on the DMMP to address the individual needs of the student, and share appropriate information with employees, including teachers, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers, as needed to keep children healthy and to deal with emergencies.
  • We work with families and physicians to determine if it is appropriate for students to safely self-carry diabetes supplies and self-administer diabetes care, with nursing oversight, if needed. We provide education and guidance on self-care tasks.
  • PWCS exceeds Virginia Code by requiring at least three staff members at each school are Insulin and Glucagon trained.
  • PWCS works closely with parents and students to monitor health and assist students with proper self-care, including glucose monitoring, administering insulin, calculating carbohydrates, and monitoring ketones, in accordance with the DMMP.
  • We constantly review plans, procedures, staff performance, and compliance to make certain that all are serving the health and best interest of every student.