Family Life Education

Prince William County Public Schools offers a Family Life Education (FLE) program for K-10th grade students that provides students with the knowledge and skills to make informed, responsible decisions related to growth and development; communication and relationships; and emotional and social health.

FLE curriculum content and organization complies with Virginia General Assembly legislation (§ 22.1-207.1 of the Code of Virginia), the Standards of Learning for Family Life Education, and guidelines established by the Virginia Department of Education.

The FLE curriculum is comprised of three strands:

  • Family living;
  • Human growth and development/reproduction; and
  • Social and emotional health.

Instruction is designed to promote parental involvement, foster positive self-concept, and provide mechanisms for coping with peer pressure and the stresses of modern living, per the students' developmental level and abilities.

Opting to Remove Your Child From all or Part of FLE

Parents/guardians are notified about FLE at the beginning of each school year through the Back to School portal. The Parent Information Letter/Opt-Out Request Form and Grade Level and Course Objectives are located on each grade level and course page. Click on the tabs below to move to elementary, middle, or high school grade and course information.

Every parent or guardian who is required to send a child to a public school shall have the right to review the complete family life curricula, including all supplemental materials used in any family life education program. To indicate a decision to remove a child from all or part of FLE, complete the Opt-out Request form and return it to the child's teacher and/or counselor. Parents should review the objectives carefully before making opt-out decision. Curricula materials can be found by clicking on the links below. Do not complete and return the form if the child is to participate in FLE.

Notice of Dates of FLE Instruction

Parents/guardians will be notified a week before the date(s) FLE will be delivered. Students who are opted out will be provided with non-punitive instructional activities during FLE.

Getting Answers to Your Questions

Questions about the FLE program should be directed to the child's teacher and/or counselor and the school administrator.