School Psychologists

School psychologists promote educationally and psychologically healthy school environments to support student learning. School psychologists utilize current trends in research, assessment, intervention, referral, counseling, consultation, and crisis management to assess and provide appropriate services.

Specific duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Work collaboratively with all stakeholders in Launching Thriving Futures.
  • Consult and collaborate with administrators, teachers, counselors, parents and community professionals in support of the division's Strategic Plan to promote student learning and health.
  • Work with parents and community organizations to promote parent-school collaboration and serve as a resource for education and psychological knowledge.
  • Provide support to teachers in developing effective instructional strategies to meet the needs of all students in the classroom through individual or group consultation.
  • Review data and assess educational outcomes and the instructional implications for individual students and groups; assist in the development of instructional interventions, monitor individual student progress, evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction and propose modifications as necessary.
  • Evaluate individual students using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, standardized, norm-referenced and curriculum-based assessment, observation, interviews and review of pertinent data to determine students' educational needs, and to design interventions to address those needs.
  • Participate in the special education eligibility process, interpretations of psychological data, and review and synthesis of information to aid in determining appropriate educational services for students.
  • Assist special education teachers in the development of appropriate goals, strategies and outcome measurement methods for students with special needs.
  • Collaborate with school personnel to design, implement, and evaluate individual, classroom and schoolwide programs in classroom management, social skills, social problem solving, conflict resolution, decision making and life skills.
  • Provide strategic individual and group counseling, classroom instruction, and consultation with school personnel and parents to promote positive student performance in the areas of social, emotional, and academic development.
  • Assume a leadership role in school and divisionwide programs and initiatives which support students, school staff and families in a variety of crisis situations. This would include collaborating with school and community professionals in the prevention, response to and management of crisis events.
  • Participate in the assessment of the seriousness of student threatening behaviors in order to determine an appropriate course of action. For students with disabilities who engage in threatening misbehavior, ensure that the students' rights are protected.
  • Educate student, staff, and the community in the recognition and utilization of diverse talents and strengths of all individuals and groups in the division.
  • Ensure that adequate safeguards for privacy and confidentiality of information are maintained according to division regulations and professional ethics.

PWCS Psychology Internships

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is pleased to offer ten full-time internships in school psychology (Ed.S. and Ph.D.) to highly qualified applicants. The PWCS internship program provides interns with a wide range of experiences in order to meet the 1200-hour requirement, as well as to enter the field as a well-prepared and competent school psychologist. The program begins two weeks prior to the date that the students' return so that there is adequate time for training and preparation. The PWCS Internship Program is designed to meet the NASP-approved 10 domains of practice.

Interns will work in a range of settings to acquire skills across all of these domains. The intern serves as the School Psychologist at one elementary school and shares selected responsibilities at one of his/her supervisor's schools. Additional placements involve site rotations at a middle school and high school, with the preschool population and/or additional special populations of students to be determined based on the intern's interests and needs. Interns will also participate in a variety of professional development trainings and workshops throughout the school year to enhance skills and knowledge of PWCS policies and procedures in a variety of areas.

A stipend of $25,000 is provided as well as comparable sick leave, professional leave and travel reimbursement under the same guidelines as full-time employees Interns also receive a PWCS issued laptop, a badge, test kits, access to online scoring platforms and office supplies.

If you are interested in learning more about the PWCS School Psychology Internship program, please contact Rebecca Zaja, Ph.D., NCSP, the Administrative Coordinator of Psychological Services at [email protected]. The Application and Interview process begins in November/December. Applications will be accepted on a rolling bases until all positions are filled.

Administrative Contact

Shelley A. Legall-Brickey, Supervisor
[email protected]

Juana R. Calvillo, Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]

Rebecca H. Zaja, Ph.D., NCSP
Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

School Psychologists

  • Elpiniki Bachmann
  • Danielle Banks
  • Danielle Cooper
  • Jared Dart
  • Michelle Darter
  • Gisela Diaz-Diaz
  • Tamara DiCocco
  • Haley Eaton
  • Betsy Houska
  • Suzanne Eichhorn
  • Suzanne Fouche
  • Miriam Giotta
  • William Gosman
  • Theresa Grant
  • Rachael Gryder
  • Kristen Habrack
  • Gail Hasbrouck-Malguy
  • Ellen Holm
  • Sara Hughes
  • Collette Jimenez
  • Adam Johnson
  • Johnston Dedrick
  • Megan Lau
  • Kate Long
  • Megan Marotta
  • Jenna Marzin
  • James Maxfield
  • Aliana McNair
  • Kristen Miller
  • Yara Mohamed
  • Kristen Neall
  • Monica Ng
  • Jennifer O'Looney
  • Mackenzie Menon
  • Emily Morgan
  • Martin Onley
  • Tiffany Paik
  • Jennifer Parker
  • Krisha Parker
  • Christina Pisa-Relli
  • Karin Plodinec
  • Carlos Rosa
  • Linda Ross
  • Tiffany Rounds
  • Dolly Saini
  • Martine Shortle
  • Mallory Smith
  • Ana Cecilia Suarez
  • Allison Susi
  • Peter Thaxter
  • Cashala Thomas
  • Clarence Thomas
  • Stanley Urbaniak
  • Mia Valentine
  • Bayyinah Washington
  • Mario Weber
  • Shannon Welteroth
  • Hope White
  • Summer Wurster
  • Christina Zrake

School Psychologist Interns

  • Alexandra Chen
  • Gabrielle Gordon
  • Catherine Gross
  • Loren Yoakum