Inclusive Practices

2 boys and 3 girls grouped together for a picture.

Inclusion has a broad, positive impact on all students.
It provides students with lessons
in diversity, cooperation, and respect
for all people and abilities.


Inclusion is a culture based on the belief that all students are welcomed members of the school community and have the right to learn in the environment they need in order to make reasonable progress.

Inclusion is a belief that all faculty and staff must share the commitment and responsibility to meet the needs of all students. In an inclusive culture, acceptance and understanding of individual differences are developed through professionals working together and learning from one another, teaching to the learning styles and abilities of the students and using strategies that research and our peers have shown to be effective.

5 boys in a library working on iPads.

To move forward we have to include everyone.
-Rick Snyder, Michigan Governor

2 boys and 2 girls looking into a jar one of the boys is holding a specimen jar. Trees can be seen in the background.

Inclusion is a right, not a privilege
for a select few.

-Oberti v. Board of Education,
Clementon School District

Before they careA classroom with a teacher standing and 2 boys sitting at their desks. with open books in front of them.
how much they
know, they gotta
know how much
you care.

-Rich Lavoie