PWCS Showcase of Inclusive Practices

What does an Inclusive School look like?

Inclusive schools ensure a sense of community-every student is valued and belongs. Everyone is accepted, respected, and supported in a safe and welcoming environment.

Parents/guardians are embraced as equal and essential partners.

As part of the school's vision or mission, teachers believe they are accountable for all students.

Teachers collaborate with each other to plan instruction, resolve day-to-day problems, and share student progress. Collaborative structures enable staff to provide appropriate supports and be responsive to changes.

Teachers incorporate different learning styles and meet individual needs using multiple methods of student expression and assessments.

Students with disabilities educational activities with their typical peers for reasonable progress whenever appropriate.

All students work toward educational outcomes based on high standards. Student learning experiences focus on strengths and capabilities.

All students are actively engaged and have equal opportunities to participate.

Showcase Schools...Take a Look!

Click on each school to see how they have incorporated Inclusive Practices into their school environment.

Antietam Elementary

Bristow Run Elementary

Ellis Elementary

Potomac Middle

Signal Hill Elementary

Look for more schools to be added soon...

Patriot High School

Inclusion is not bringing people into what already exists, it is making a new space, a better space for everyone.
-Rachel Olivero