Division and Comprehensive Surveys

Division and Comprehensive Surveys

Research and Program Evaluation regularly conducts surveys on behalf of the school division to gather input and feedback from stakeholders in the PWCS community. Reports from some large-scale surveys are included below

Divisionwide Survey

The Divisionwide Surveys of stakeholders (staff, students, parents) is conducted annually in alignment with the Strategic Plan. Divisionwide Survey results are provided to principals and the Superintendent's Staff for use in continuous improvement planning. Results are included in individual School Data profiles.

PWCS School Data Profiles

Virtual Learning Survey

In November 2020, a survey was conducted with parents/guardians, students (grades 3-12), and school-based staff about experiences with virtual learning in the first quarter. Division results were presented to the School Board on January 6, 2021.

First Quarter 2020-21 Virtual Learning Survey Results (PDF)

Initial Reopening Plan Survey

In June 2020, surveys were conducted with parents/guardians and with school-based staff, about the Virginia Department of Education Phase Guidance for reopening schools. Division results were presented to the School Board on July 8, 2020.

Initial Parent/Guardian Survey Results July 2020 (PDF)

Initial School-based Staff Survey Results July 2020 (PDF)