Virginia Growth Assessments

Virginia Growth Assessments (VGA)

In response to legislation passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2021, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has developed the Virginia Growth Assessments (VGA). The VGAs were created to help measure growth in reading and math for students in grades 3-8. Although these tests will measure the same content as the Standards of Learning (SOL) reading and math tests given in the spring, they will not be used to assign a passing or failing score to a student. Rather, they will be used to baseline a student's proficiency in reading and math and then track their progress during the course of the school year.

Most students in grades 3-8 are expected to participate in the VGAs each year, except in special cases such as when a student is enrolled in a high school level course like Algebra or Geometry. The VGAs will be taken onsite at schools using a computer adaptive format just like the SOL tests unless there is a situation where a student must test using paper. After testing is complete, parents will receive a report of their student's performance.

To view the window in which the VGAs and other tests will be given in PWCS, please visit the PWCS Testing Calendar. For more detailed information about your individual student's test dates, please contact your school directly.

For additional information about how to interpret student scores, please link to VDOE's website at Parent and Caregiver Resources for Growth Assessments.

For additional information about the VGAs, please visit the VDOE's VA Growth Assessment webpage.