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Jason Hughes - Crew Chief,

Turf Management/Irrigation

Responsibilities of Landscaping Crew

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) has about 98 school facilities and continues to grow. Based on the size of the Landscaping Crew and the number of facilities to maintain, the program of work is as follows:

Work to be Performed By Type of Work Description of Work Frequency
Landscaping crew - OFS Supplemental landscaping Weeding, Mulching, Pruning, etc, of mulched beds and shrubs 1x a year
Landscaping crew - OFS Shrub and tree pruning, landscape design Larger trees and shrubs will be pruned back, as needed. Design and planning services offered to schools As needed; Put in SchoolDude work order for landscaping estimate to request visit
Schools and their respective communities Continuing maintenance of mulched beds and shrubs Any work necessary to maintain the attractive appearance of the school facility (weeding, raking, trash pick-up) Continuous (site-based)


Factoring in the scope of work and flexibility to work around inclement weather during winter months, the Office of Facilities Services (OFS) can provide a standard level of service to all schools once a year. 

It will be the responsibility of the school to maintain their mulched beds and shrubs during the rest of the year. This could be done through a variety of different methods - from establishing student clubs, partnering with community Home Owners Associations (HOA's), getting assistance from Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO's), to partnerships with local businesses or using their custodial staff for basic upkeep. If you have any questions as to what level of service is expected for the condition of your school grounds, please check with the Quality Assurance team within Custodial Services. A detailed inspection list has been shared with all custodial managers as part of the Quality Assurance Inspection Process.

If you elect to expand the landscaping at your school, please consult with OFS to ensure that the plants and vegetation selected meet our guidelines and standards for best practices. Please note that any expanded landscaping (outdoor classrooms, butterfly gardens, additional flower beds, etc.) that are added after the original construction of the building will be the school's responsibility to maintain.

The first impression of any of our schools occurs when someone goes past or visits. Well maintained landscaping goes along with making that a good impression. With efforts of OFS and School Staff, we can ensure the continued success of our landscaping program.


Mowing Schedule


*Schedule subject to disruptions/alterations due to inclement weather or special projects that may require shifting resources

**Please note - PWC Department of Parks and Recreation is responsible for mowing Middle School and Elementary athletic fields as part of our cooperative agreement. Their mowing schedule may differ from this mowing schedule.