Managing Time and Collaborating With Outlook Calendar

Managing Time and Collaborating with Outlook Calendar

Task Traditional Digital Added Functionality
  • Manage assignments
  • Recording due dates
  • Categorizing events/work
  • Scheduling meetings with teachers
Agenda book Record assignments and tasks using Office 365 Outlook calendar
  • Have access anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Reminders
  • Not easily lost, misplaced, or damaged
  • Send invitations to collaborate
  • Search calendar for specific topics

How can Office 365 OneDrive help me?

  • View a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar showing all activities
  • Create categories to easily identify subject or activity type
  • Share calendar with others (e.g., teacher, student, parent)
  • Set reminders for activities that will be sent to email
  • Review and edit tasks or create new tasks with due dates
  • Collaborate with others

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