Selecting, Evaluating and Synthesizing Digital Resources

Selecting, Evaluating, and Synthesizing Digital Resources with Office 365

Task Traditional Digital Added Functionality
  • Creating and managing reports and projects
  • Developing study materials
  • Organizing and prioritizing information
Notebook/spiral/index cards Gather/sort/organize information and a variety of media that supports learning using application in Office 365, such as OneDrive, Sway, and Excel
  • Collections of live links to authentic, digital resources
  • Materials can be edited and revised
  • Searchable content
  • Embedded tools to support learning (e.g., dictionary, thesaurus, online image search)
  • The dog can't eat it!
  • Templates available for academic purposes
  • Access anytime, anywhere on any device

How can Office 365 OneDrive help me?

  • Search materials by keyword or topic
  • Access your materials anytime, anywhere, and on any device -- no more lost my homework
  • Upload your materials to store in one place
  • Create a folder structure like you would on a local server
  • Collaborate with others

How can the Office 365 Sway application help me?

  • Search for text, images, or video in the application
  • Creative interactive presentations that include a variety of media
  • Accessible online
  • Creative templates that will provide a format for your presentation, reports, study guides, etc.
  • Collaborate with others

How can the Office 365 Excel application help me?

  • Use Office 365 Excel just like Office Excel -- many features are the same
  • Organize notes and resources using columns and rows, and even sheets
  • Create schedules, charts, and tables of informations
  • Collaborate with others

Student in a classroom sitting at a desk with a notebook and a computer