Instructional Technology

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Instructional Technology

Our Vision

Prince William County Public Schools will promote personalized learning, applying proven pedagogy and practice in technology-rich learning environments to empower learners to be self-directed expert learners who take an active role in choosing, achieving, and demonstrating competency in their learning goals.

  • Promote strategies that increase participation, engagement, accessibility, and equity
  • Provide opportunities for student choice in how they learn and how they demonstrate their learning
  • Develop digital citizens who are self-aware, empathetic, informed, and creative

PWCS Instructional Technology Team

  • Our team promotes and supports research-based best practices and resources that provide students and staff opportunities for authentic, meaningful and innovative learning experiences.
  • We investigate new and emerging technologies that support classroom instruction for all students as we help them prepare for a successful future.
  • Our team also designs and facilitates a variety of exciting professional learning opportunities for division personnel that focus on student achievement.

Instructional Technology Team Contacts

Name Title Email
Kimberly McGee Supervisor of Instructional Technology [email protected]
Dani Hall  Admin Coordinator for Instructional Technology [email protected]
Gail Charnick Instructional Technology Coach [email protected]
Sean Ward Instructional Technology Coach [email protected]
Patrick Heath Coordinator, Instructional and Information Tech Training [email protected]
Michael Greene Coordinator, Instructional and Information Tech Training [email protected]