Become an Instructional Technology Coach

Prince William County Public Schools Provides an Instructional Technology Coach for Each School Building

Responsibilities of Instructional Technology Coaches (ITC) in Prince William County include:

  • Provide job-embedded professional learning focused on the integration of technology into instruction through coaching, co-teaching, modeling lessons, sharing ideas, schoolwide demonstrations to staff, and co-planning to support adult learning.
  • Develops and delivers professional learning to introduce educators to technology integration methods, materials, and instructional strategies proven to increase student achievement
  • Keeping current with new and emerging technologies and their application in content areas
  • Identifying and providing technology training in school buildings
  • Serves as a liaison between the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Office of Teaching and Learning programs and initiatives, schools, and other administrative offices as needed.
  • Leads educators in integrating technology effectively for differentiating instruction, assessing student learning, and providing rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning for all students
  • Analyzes disaggregated student learning results from a variety of data sources and uses data about participant gains in knowledge and satisfaction levels to determine adult learning needs

As stated in the Virginia Department of Education Handbook, "Technology Coaches" provide on-site and on-demand assistance for fellow teachers to create different forms of learning and teaching with the help of technologies. They seek to improve student learning by showing teachers thoughtful applications and best practices of these new tools."

Becoming an ITC for Prince William County Public Schools

ITC Portfolio Guidelines (PDF)

Instructional Technology Coaches candidates must complete a portfolio as part of the application process. The portfolio is summited as a link to an online site created by the candidate that addresses the topics in the ITC Portfolio Guidelines document. The portfolio should demonstrate an understanding of integrating technology into teaching and learning; competency in providing professional development and training for technology integration; evidence of leadership skills; and evidence of instructional technology coursework. The website must be the applicant's original work. Items created with another person or group may be included with the names of all participants listed.

A link to an online portfolio must be submitted to the Supervisor of Instructional Technology, Dr. Kimberly McGee, at [email protected], and Administrative Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Dani Hall, at [email protected].