Leadership Development

Leaders in Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) consistently work together to further articulate and implement strategies toward the accomplishment of the PWCS Strategic Plan. PWCS values leaders with the skills and training that model 21st-century skills to innovate and lead change focused on student learning and achieving high standards that prepare our graduates to compete in a global community. PWCS leaders must be knowledgeable about innovative instruction, execute a vision for success and continuous improvement, model high expectations for teachers and students, and promote positive and collaborative environments that inspire others to maximize their potential and impact.


Novice Leaders

New Administrator Institute

The New Administrator Institute is designed to welcome new leaders within PWCS. This program communicates the mission and vision of leading within PWCS and provides a just-in-time overview of critical topics to enable leaders to have a successful start in their new roles. This institute is designed for the following:

Cohort 1

  • New Administrative Interns (AI)
  • New Assistant Principals (not having AI experience)

Cohort 2

New Principals
  • All principals new to PWCS
  • All first-time principals
Central Office Administrators (Administrative Coordinators, Supervisors, and Directors)
  • Central office staff new in their role
  • Central office staff new to PWCS

Administrative Interns, Assistant Principal I & II

PWCS provides professional development induction programs for all new administrative interns and new assistant principals in their first three years in the role. The program builds the knowledge and skills to become effective leaders in PWCS.


Educational Leader Induction

The required Educational Leader Induction is a professional development induction program for first-, second-, and third-year principals. The program builds the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become effective principal leaders in PWCS.

The curriculum of the Leadership framework is aligned with the following:

PWCS Educational Leader performance standards

  • Instructional Leadership
  • School Climate
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Management
  • Communication and Community Relations
  • Culturally Responsive and Equitable School Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Student Academic Progress

Foundations of Leadership (Wallace)

  • Shaping a Vision of Academic Success
  • Improving Instruction
  • Cultivating Leadership in Others
  • Creating a Climate Supportive to Maximizing the Educational Environment
  • Managing People, Data, and Processes to Foster Continuous Improvement

New Principal Mentor Program

The new principal mentor program is designed to build the leadership capacity of new principals to ensure continuous student learning. The purpose is to provide continuous guidance and non-evaluative support to help ensure the success of the new principal in Prince William County Public Schools. The objective is to promote ongoing reflective practice through:

  • Active listening and observing
  • Growth-producing feedback
  • Probing questions that encourage self-reflection and problem-solving
  • Encouraging and supporting action that initiates and sustains improved teaching and learning
  • Coaching, collaborating, and consulting

 Aspiring Leaders

Aspiring Principals Cohort

The Aspiring Principals Cohort is designed to develop administrators for a principal position within PWCS. The Aspiring Principals Cohort is a one-year experience open to administrators at all levels, who have at least two years of Assistant Principal experience in PWCS.

The purpose of this cohort is to provide support for emerging leader seeking to advance in leadership. A customized curriculum will offer content differentiated to the needs of participants and is structured to provide readiness skill sets culminating in an action-research presentation that aligns with continuous improvement growth and desired impact outcomes.

 Experienced Leaders

Workshops, Coaching, & Resources

The Leadership Development program offers research-based workshops, coaching, and resources to support the ongoing learning of experienced school-based and central office administrators.

EEE Leadership Conference

The Excellence and Equity in Education (EEE) Leadership Conference is designed for administrators and teacher leaders to align the work of the school division’s vision, mission, and leadership to focus on our core business of teaching and learning through providing a full day of strategic and engaging learning sessions.

This conference serves as a platform to review the PWCS Vision 2025 Launching Thriving Futures Strategic Plan, account for the progress toward realization, explore innovative strategies, share best practices, and foster collaboration in pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable education system.