ISAEP Program Counseling

Counseling ISAEP Program Students For Success

An important mission of Alternative Education's ISAEP program is to ensure that each of our students will graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue plans for their future which will guide them to become a positive contributor to society.

To help accomplish the above, an instructional team consisting of a vocational specialist, a counselor, and academic faculty will be present to actively assist each student to set their immediate goals and make decisions in the planning of their future. This will involve providing each student with personal, educational, and career counseling.

Personal Counseling

Personal counseling offers students assistance in developing viable strategies and skills which will enable them to address issues as they prepare to transition to other opportunities such as vocational, educational, or military pursuits.

Students are encouraged to access these services, and confidentiality is maintained.

Educational Counseling

Educational counseling focuses on assisting students with identifying additional school opportunities and attaining their personal educational goals.

Services encompass helping students to select appropriate educational programs and curriculum.

Career Counseling

Career counseling includes exposure to various career options based on the student's interests and abilities and current job market information. Students are encouraged to explore careers through aptitude tests, interest inventories, and a variety of other resources. Also, students will participate in vocational assessments, resume writing, interviewing skills, and other workplace readiness skills.