Specialty Program Application Process

Step 1: Research Your Options

  • Research programs at your base school
  • Review specialty program information, including program types and offerings
  • Attend Specialty Program Information Nights
  • Attend school-specific Information Nights
  • Review VHSL Eligibility Information

Program Types

  • Complete a full transfer to the speciality school for all classes and activities
  • Attend program classes at specialty school and remain at base school for all other classes and activities
  • Attend all classes and activities at base school

Step 2: Apply Online

  • Application opens November 1
  • Visit the PWCS Specialty Application Process Page
  • Click on the "Apply Here" button
  • Create an account and associate students as applicable
  • Complete applications for desired programs
  • Upload any program required documentation

Application Deadlines

  • December 14, 2021 - CFPA
  • February 1, 2022 - Transfer programs
  • March 15, 2022 - Transport programs

Late applications will not be considered. 

Step 3: Selection

  • CFPA applicants attend scheduled auditions
  • Schools review applicant information for specific eligibility criteria

Step 4: Notification

Acceptance information will be communicated through the application portal.  Families will receive an email asking them to check the portal for a decision.

Acceptance Results

  • ACCEPTED: Students who are accepted in their chosen specialty program receive notification of acceptance.
  • NOT ACCEPTED: Students who are not offered acceptance have not met entrance requirements or program acceptance numbers have been met.  These students will attend their zoned school. 
  • WAITLISTED: Students who are waitlisted will be notified, in waitlist order, if a position becomes available in the program. 

Step Five: Program Acceptance

Families must declare their intent to participate in the accepted Specialty Program by March 5. 

Off-Cycle Applications

Students who enroll in PWCS outside of the application period have thirty days from date of entry to apply to a specialty program. 

For access to the application, contact Karima Wesselhoft, Supervisor of Advanced Academics and Specialty Programs, at wesselka@pwcs.edu.

The Specialty Program Application will be available beginning November 1. 

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