Specialty Program Application Process

Specialty Program Application Process

Step 1: Research Your Options

  • Research programs at your base school
  • Review specialty program information, including program types and offerings
  • Attend/view specialty program information nights
  • Attend school-specific information nights
  • Review VHSL eligibility information
  • Review transportation information

Program Types

Transfer (all ES/MS programs, some HS programs)
  • Complete a full transfer to the specialty school for all classes and activities
Transport (HS programs only)
  • Attend program classes at specialty school and remain at base school for all other classes and activities
  • Attend all classes and activities at base school

Step 2: Apply Online

  • Application opens November 1
  • Visit the PWCS Specialty Application Process Page
  • Click on the "Apply Here" button
  • Create an account and associate students as applicable
  • Complete applications for desired programs
  • Upload any program required documentation

Application Deadlines

  • December 14, 2023 – Center for Fine and Performing Arts (CFPA)
  • February 1, 2024 – All Other Specialty Programs (transfer, transport, and site-based programs) and The Governor's School @ Innovation Park

Late applications will not be considered.

Step 3: Selection

  • CFPA applicants attend scheduled auditions (January 2024)
  • Schools review applicant information for specific eligibility criteria

Step 4: Notification

Acceptance information will be communicated through the application portal. Families will receive an email asking them to check the portal for a decision.

Acceptance Results

  • Lottery/Placement Seat Confirmed: This indicates the student was offered a seat in the program. You must accept or decline the seat by March 5. Seats not claimed by March 5 will be automatically declined.
  • Seat Expired- Accepted into another program: This indicates the student was offered a position in another program.
  • Seat Expired- Student not accepted in lottery: This indicates the student was entered into the lottery but was not accepted in a random draw.
  • Denied: This indicates the student did not meet the program requirements and was not entered into the school selection lottery.
  • Waitlist: This indicates the student is on the waitlist for Pennington or Porter Traditional Schools. These schools may take students off the waitlist. Positions on the waitlist are not advertised or shared with families. If your student is chosen off the waitlist, the school will contact you directly.

Step 5: Program Acceptance

Families must declare their intent to participate in the accepted Specialty Program by March 5.

Off-Cycle Applications

Off-cycle Specialty Program applications are available only for students who transfer into PWCS outside the application window (November 1-February 1). Students new to PWCS who wish to apply for Specialty Programs must do so within 30 days of enrollment.

Once the student has enrolled at their base school, the family should create an account for the online application portal. Then they may request an off-cycle Specialty Program application by contacting Advanced Academics and Specialty Programs at [email protected].