Specialty Program VHSL Eligibility Information

VHSL Activity Eligibility for Specialty Program Participants

Prince William County supports our students' desires to participate in Specialty Programs. High school students who apply for and are admitted to a Specialty Program as rising freshman (9th graders) or sophomores (10th graders), are eligible for a waiver for the Virginia High School League (VHSL) activities. To be considered for the waiver, students must apply through the Specialty Program Application by the February 1 deadline.

Students who are in a Specialty Program, but fail to meet the requirements of the program, may be removed from the program. If the Specialty Program is outside of the student’s zoned attendance school, the student will be ineligible to participate in VHSL sports and activities for 365 days from the day that the student is removed from the program. Students that return to their school of residence by choice will be ineligible for VHSL sports and activities for 365 days based on the enrollment date at their school of residence.

Rising juniors (11th graders) who apply for a Specialty Program, may request a special waiver. The waiver may be granted only if the student is able to complete the full specialty program, if the student receives approval of both the Director of Student Activities Management and the Supervisor of Advanced Academics and Specialty Program, and if they are a first-time Specialty Program student.

The above statements on athletic eligibility apply to all transfer or site-based Specialty Programs. For more information, please review Regulation 640-2, "Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Programs: Eligibility."

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