ID Badges Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do until I receive my replacement badge?
Employees should obtain some form of date-sensitive identification until the new ID badge is received. Use the same procedures outlined for visitors and obtain a visitor badge from the main office
How long does it take to get a replacement badge?
Under normal circumstances, it should only take a few days until a replacement badge is received. If it takes more than a week to receive your ID badge, please contact Risk Management and Security Services to obtain the status of the badge.
I was married/had a legal name change. How do I change the last name on my badge?
If you need to change your name on your badge due to a recent marriage or a legal name change, send the old ID to Risk Management and Security, with a note requesting the name to be changed. Be sure to legibly print your new last name and include to which school or department/office the new badge should be forwarded. Name changes are confirmed through the Department of Human Resources, so if you have not submitted official paperwork, please do so prior to requesting the name be changed on your ID.
I am a new employee. How long will it take to receive my badge?
New full-time employees should receive their ID badge from Human Resources during their new employee orientation. If you do not receive your badge, please contact Human Resources Fingerprints & Employee Mandates at 703-791-8958 or 703-791-8382. If you are classified as temporary, part-time or substitute employee, you should refer to the "Do I Need An ID" webpage for additional procedures.
I have terminated employment, resigned, or retired from Prince William County Public Schools. What should I do with my ID badge?

When an employee resigns, retires, or otherwise terminates employment with the school division or is granted an approved leave of absence that is expected to last longer than 12 weeks, the employee shall surrender the identification badge to the appropriate supervisor at their assigned location. Upon receipt of a surrendered ID, the supervisor or principal shall forward the badge to the Director of Risk Management and Security. It will be noted the badge was returned, and it will then be destroyed. The manager or principal shall pursue collection of the ID in cases where an employee terminated employment without surrendering the badge.

When returning identification badges, please advise Risk Management and Security that the person has resigned, retired, or was terminated and include their last date of employment if known.

As an additional measure, a reminder flyer and a postage-paid envelope addressed to Risk Management and Security will be mailed in the exit packet sent from Human Resources to all employees who retire, resign, or are terminated. The identification badge may be placed in the envelope and mailed directly to Risk Management and Security.

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Badge Care Recommendations

Do not leave your badge in your vehicle. The sun's rays filtering through the windshield can cause the colors to fade.

Keep your badge from exposure to extreme temperatures. Cold or hot weather can cause the plastic to become brittle and break more easily.

The lanyard can be cleaned by washing it in soapy water.