Visitor IDs - After Hours

Visitor IDs - After Hours

Regulation 926-1 regarding "Visitor Identification" requires that schools collect and keep visitor IDs which are returned when the visitor leaves the building. The only exceptions to keeping IDs are for employees of that school, certain supply services delivery staff, and law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties.

We do from time to time have school visitors who are still in the building for meetings or programs after the VIS assigned staff have left for the day. In these cases the visitor ID has been secured, making it difficult for the visitor to retrieve the ID before leaving the building.

To ensure that visitors possess their ID before the last VIS administrator leaves, schools should make every effort to return those IDs to visitors shortly before the VIS administrator who has access to IDs leaves. Visitors should be advised to continue to wear the visitor badge while still in the building.

This is a necessary step to take as a high percentage of IDs proffered are driver's licenses. Visitors are required by law to have a driver's license in their possession while operating a motor vehicle.

We appreciate your cooperation with this procedure. Please call Risk Management and Security at 703-791-7206 if you have any questions.