Do I need an ID?

Identification Badges

Example Identification Badges

To ensure a safe environment for the children, parents, and staff that attend, work, and visit our schools in Prince William County, all full-time employees who work, visit school division facilities, or perform transportation duties and responsibilities are required to wear a photo identification badge.

Full-Time Employees

All full-time employees will have their photo taken for their identification badge during their orientation. The Human Resources Department is responsible for preparing and issuing identification badges to all new hires, with the exception of personnel for the Transportation Department. Transportation takes their new employees' photos and issues their badges. Risk Management and Security issues all replacement identification badges for full-time employees, with the appropriate supervisor's request.

Retirement Opportunity Program (ROP) Employees

Retiring employees who will be participating in ROP must surrender their employee identification badge and will be issued a specially designed ROP identification badge, which is valid for the duration of their ROP, as designated on their badge. Risk Management and Security issues all identification badges for ROP employees, with the appropriate notification from the Human Resources Department.

Temporary Employees

All temporary staff are required to wear an appropriately issued date-sensitive, impermanent identification badge while working in a school division facility or performing school transportation services. Temporary badges will be issued by the Temporary Employment Office in the Human Resources Department.

Additional Information On I.D. Badges