Replacement Badges

Replacement Badge Requests

It happens to the best of us from time to time. We can't remember where we last placed our badge or it becomes the unintended victim of a paper shredder. If you have lost or damaged your ID badge, please follow the following procedures:

Lost Badges

Missing Badge

If an identification badge is lost, the affected employee will report its loss to their supervisor as soon as possible. Employee's supervisor shall notify Bill Desmond at in Risk Management and Security to request a replacement badge. The request should include the employee's name, badge number, and indicate to which school or office/department the replacement should be sent. This information is needed to assure the correct badge is replaced. Until such time as a replacement badge is issued, the employee will be required to secure a date-sensitive identification badge or a visitor's badge upon entering School Division property.

Broken/Replacement Badges

Broken/Damaged Badges

Damaged badges or any badge that needs a replacement (name change, different job location, etc.) shall be returned to Risk Management and Security before a replacement is provided. It is necessary to advise where the replacement badge should be sent. If the ID number is not visible on the damaged badge, please provide it or, if unknown, the last four digits of the employee's social security number. This information is needed to avoid any delay in the replacement being issued. Please DO NOT send in the lanyard, plastic sleeve, or clip. Please let us know if a new lanyard, plastic sleeve, or clip is needed.

Please view Regulation 501-5, "Employee Identification," for additional questions regarding badges.

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Updated: July 21, 2021