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Student Management and Alternative Program - Parent Resources

The Student Management and Alternative Programs Department (SMAPD) is committed to helping parents understand what happens when their child is recommended for long-term suspension, expulsion, criminal reassignment, and exclusion.

Further Disciplinary Action

The Student Management and Alternative Programs Department is responsible for conducting further disciplinary action hearings for students who are being recommended for long-term suspension or expulsion from Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) in accordance with Regulations 744-1 and 745-1.


Long-term suspension is removal from school for 11-45 school days. Long-term suspension can be extended beyond 46 days but no more than 364 days for incidents involving aggravated circumstances according to Regulation 745-1: "Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion of Students."


Expulsion: 365-calendar-day removal. Only the School Board can expel a student. Student Management and Alternative Department makes a recommendation to the School Board regarding the expulsion of students.

Hearing Process

Step-by-step information on the further disciplinary action process is available.

Learn more about the Further Disciplinary Action Process

PWCS Code of Behavior

Maintaining an environment where every student will graduate on time with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to create a thriving future for themselves and their community requires clear responsibilities, expectations, and rules that apply primarily to students but also guide the behavior of parents, teachers, and school employees. These are addressed in detail in PWCS' policies and regulations and are summarized in the Code of Behavior.

Code of Behavior

Reporting Misconduct

Report any serious or potentially violent concerns of unsafe behavior or threats of harm to self or others using the "Say Something" tip line

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