Military Families: Planning your Move From PWCS

Connect with Your School Liaison Officer

Military parents are encouraged to connect with a School Liaison Officer (SLO) at their installation. SLOs are present on every military installation and assist families with school-aged students on educational matters such as school transitions, providing information about local school districts, graduation requirements, youth sponsorship programs, and home schooling.

SLOs can connect families with another SLO at their new military installation CONUS and OCONUS before a PCS. SLOs at Fort Belvoir and Quantico assist families from any branch of service.

View a complete directory of School Liaison Officers by branch.

Withdrawal of Students

The Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) maintains student records in compliance with Virginia and federal law.

The procedures indicated in PWCS Regulation 711-2 must be followed when a student is withdrawn from a PWCS school. Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to complete the student withdrawal process in person. Be sure to request an unofficial copy of the Student Educational Record before a PCS.

Upon receipt of the unofficial education records by a school in the receiving state, the school shall enroll and appropriately place the student based on the information provided in the unofficial records pending validation by the official records, as quickly as possible.

When military orders require a family to move before the end of the school year, they are expected to enroll in the receiving school if that school is in session. However, if a family is transferring to a school where school is no longer in session, it is recommended the family work with their current PWCS school to make arrangements for completing course work, end of course exams, and receive final grades.