Student Needs Assessment

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PWCS Student Needs Assessment

The student emotional needs assessment is administered at the start of the school year to assess possible barriers to learning and engagement.

The questions included in the survey address student emotional well-being and the degree to which a student needs more assistance to achieve academic success. The questions are developmentally appropriate for the grade level in which the survey is administered.

The survey helps school administrators, teachers, and school counselors identify students who may need more support to remove emotional and social barriers to learning. The data is used to engage parents and guardians to secure consent for participation in some elements of our comprehensive school counseling programs as outlined in PWCS Regulation 651-1, School Counseling Services K-12.

Only school administrators and school-based mental health professionals have access to student responses. The survey is administered using an encrypted electronic survey tool that meets high standards for data privacy. Summaries of the findings of this survey will be disclosed in divisionwide reports on student well-being. Individual student responses will not be shared with the public.

Schools will begin administering the survey soon after the school year begins. If you wish for your student to not be given the survey, please submit the Emotional Needs Assessment Opt-Out Form before the first day of school.

Preview of Student Surveys for 2023-24

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