Frequently Asked Questions

Does my student need to attend summer school?

Discovery Enrichment Programs are open to all students as interested and grade-appropriate.

Launch Programs are open to K-8 students identified by their teachers and/or counselors as needing to attend. If you have questions concerning whether your child is eligible for the Launch Program, contact your child’s teacher or school counselor. If you have a high school student who has failed a course, they should enroll in the Launch Program to repeat the course and earn credit.

My senior is not on track to graduate this spring. What summer program is available?
The Grad Academy is for seniors who are capable of graduating in August with additional targeted support and need up to two credits to satisfy diploma requirements to graduate this summer. Please have your senior check with their high school counselor to verify if Grad Academy is needed to graduate.
Do I have to pay for my student to attend summer school?
If your student has been identified by their school to participate in the Launch Program, there is no cost to attend. There is an associated tuition cost for Discovery enrichment programs, which are open to all students.
If a student is currently enrolled in fifth grade, do they sign up for fifth or sixth-grade courses for summer school?
The Launch Program is an extension of the 2022-23 school year, and students should sign up for the program that corresponds with their current grade level.
How do I know where my student will attend summer school?
Select schools are chosen to host summer programs. The school attended for the Launch Program is determined by the student's base school. View all host schools for the Launch Program and the schools that feed those host sites.
Will my student be able to take a bus to and from summer school each day?
Yes. Transportation is available for students enrolled in Launch or Discovery programs. Bus stops for summer programs may be different from regular school-year bus stops. No special bus stops will be established for individual students. Summer program bus stop locations will be posted and communicated before the start of summer programs. Please see the Summer Program Transportation webpage for more information.
Will my child be provided breakfast and lunch during summer school?
Yes. Breakfast and lunch will be available at no cost to all students.
My student is in AlphaBEST Summer Program during the summer. Will they be transported to their Launch Summer School program if identified?
For PWCS bus transportation from AlphaBEST Summer Camp to Launch Programs, parents must register with AlphaBEST Education. Not all AlphaBEST summer programs may have direct transportation to Discovery enrichment programs depending on enrollment.
Can students not currently enrolled in a PWCS school attend summer school?
Yes. Students should still meet the academic criteria for summer school and show a need for academic remediation to sign up for the Launch Program. You can contact the summer school office at with a letter from your current school, and you will be emailed a form for registration purposes.
How many courses are high school students allowed to take in summer school for credit?
Students in the Launch program may take one course for the summer. Seniors enrolled in Grad Academy may be eligible to take up to two courses for credit.
Can a student take a new course in summer school to get ahead?
Students wanting to take a new course for advancement and to earn first-time credit should take courses through Virtual Prince William.
My student has not met an SOL requirement. Can they take the SOL test during the summer without being enrolled in the Six-Week Launch program?
Yes. Students may choose a two-week remediation and testing, or a test-only option. If a student is already enrolled in the six-week Launch program, they will take the corresponding SOL.
If a student is signed up for a class in the Launch program for credit recovery, does the student also need to sign up for an SOL course?
If a student is signed up for a course that has a corresponding SOL (e.g., Algebra, Biology), the student will automatically be signed up for the SOL if needed.
If a student has failed multiple courses, how do they know which to sign up for in summer school?
Please speak with the student’s counselor if you have any questions concerning the appropriate course or test to take.