How to Order Services

How to Submit a Work Order for Services

Available Services:

  • Pick up items for disposal or transfer;
  • Shred/Storage boxes;
  • Move wrestling mats/choral risers, graduation support, etc.

How to Submit a Work Order:

  • Go to
  • The first time you use this system, enter the following:
    • Organization Account Number, which is 805183456
    • Enter your email address
    • Enter your name and phone number/s.
  • Enter the information for the work request:
    • Enter the location, giving as much detail as possible about where the items in the request are located.(please note that as a general rule we do not enter classrooms, best locations will be the office, library or receiving);
    • Select "Problem," then scroll down and click on the icon "warehouse";
    • See "describe your problem" and type what you need done - please be specific and add a contact person and phone number.

      For example: "pick up 6 boxes of library/texts books no longer being used from the Library. POC Jane Doe, 703-123-4567."

  • See "submit password" and enter the password, then click submit.

How to Print a Work Order:

To print a copy of your request, click "my requests" from the tab bar and your work orders will show up.
It might take a few minutes for the one you just entered to appear