Moving Services

Two staff members moving equipment

Below are the offices that use our moving service frequently:

  • Construction - moving furniture for school renovations after hours so instructional time isn't lost for students.
  • Assessment and Accountability - delivery and pickup of secured testing materials divisionwide. Student and employee records are transferred for storage and shredding; 10,000 pounds of records are shredded annually.
  • Student Services - transporting equipment and furniture for special needs students, sporting events, annual art, and food shows. High school graduation ceremonies are also supported annually.
  • Food & Nutrition - in addition to the routine delivery and pick up service, the Distribution Center maintains two freezer trucks that are on-call to move frozen food from schools with disabled freezer units to the freezer located at the Distribution Center. Daily deliveries may be made to the school until the freezer is repaired.

With 100 schools, the possibility of a freezer breaking is always a concern. Each year, thousands of dollars worth of food products are saved through this service. The Food & Nutrition Department also requests delivery support approximately 300 times a year.

The delivery/pickup service is offered free to our customers unless overtime is involved. To take advantage of this service, submit your request via the online Maintenance Work Order System "my school building."