Property Inventory

Inventory of Non-Expendable Property

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Supply Services maintains inventories, tracks records of inventory for items valued over $500, and tracks the transfer of equipment between schools and offices, and deletes broken/outmoded equipment from schools' and offices' inventories.

Non-expendable property includes items such as copiers, computers or about any item that is not bolted to a school wall or ceiling such as HVAC units that have a value of $500 or more. Also exempted is real property (the land and buildings) and furniture.

The office has two employees with the primary assignment of maintaining the inventories of our nearly 100 schools and 43 offices in the computer database. This is a major effort and requires the continuous communication between the property management staff and school and central office staff.

Transactions to add, delete, or transfer property to maintain the accuracy for a total PWCS property inventory worth in excess of $88,000,000 are recorded each year. To validate the accuracy of the inventories, a reconciliation is conducted annually by each budget holder.