Prohibited Community Use Activities and Items

Please find below a list of activities and objects PWCS does not permit on school property. This list may be updated at any time to reflect changes in policies and procedures.

Alcohol Consumption

Activities involving alcohol are strictly prohibited on all school property per the Code of VA § 4.1-309 - Drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages in or on public school grounds; penalty, with the exception noted for religious congregations using wine for sacramental purposes only.

Drugs and Other Illegal Substances

Drug paraphernalia, controlled substances, look-alike drugs and other items considered to be drugs per Regulation 735-1, Prohibited Substances, are strictly prohibited on school property.

Equipment and Props

The following types of equipment and props are not permitted on school property:

  • All equipment used to conduct water activities (e.g., water tag, water slides, etc.)
  • Bungee jumpers;
  • Cold spark machines;
  • Color powder poppers;
  • Gladiator or jousting equipment (including bungee combos);
  • Human foosball;
  • Look-alike drugs;
  • Look-alike weapons;
  • Rock-climbing walls; and
  • Zip lines.


School facilities are not available for funerals and no remains are allowed on PWCS property. Remembrance ceremonies, fellowships, memorial services, and meals are permitted, however.


Gambling in any form is strictly prohibited. Activities which involve raffles and other games of chance may be approved upon review from Risk Management and Security Services.

Live Animals

Per Regulation 271-2, Service Animals, service animals trained to perform tasks that mitigate the effects of a disability are permitted at all indoor and outdoor events. The animal must be under the control of its handler at all times, properly leashed, and cleaned up after by the owner.

Rental of Playground Equipment

PWCS does not permit the rental of playgrounds/playground equipment.

Tobacco and Alternative Nicotine Products

Per Regulation 403-1, Use of Tobacco Products, PWCS does not permit the use and distribution of tobacco products or alternative nicotine products, including electronic smoking devices, and any components or accessories used in the consumption of tobacco products, on school property at any time, including non-school hours.

Weapons and Other Objects

Weapons, look-alike weapons, and other items considered to be weapons per Regulations 401.01-9, Prohibition of Firearms and Weapons & PWCS Gun-Free Zones and 775-1, Weapons and Other Prohibited Objects are strictly prohibited on school property.

Yard Sales

Yard sales, garage sales, tag sales, and the like are not permitted to take place on PWCS property. These types of events typically involve uninsured/independent community members selling unguaranteed goods. These activities are not to be confused with vendor/craft fairs, which are normally sponsored, organized, and insured by a commercial business, charity, or other nonprofit organization.