Access to PWCS Wireless Network

The symbol denoting wireless access drawn in white chalk on a blackboard

Rental of a school facility does not automatically include use of the PWCS wireless network and schools have no obligation to allow access. If this service is necessary for the event, renters must directly request permission from the school. It is recommended the location be contacted as soon as possible to inquire about such access.

Renters should also take note of the following:

  • The service is provided "as is" and PWCS makes no guarantees of connection speeds or uninterrupted access.
  • For renters with use scheduled on the weekends, please view our Monthly Maintenance Outages page for a list of dates regularly scheduled network maintenance is performed. During this time, Wi-Fi may be unavailable.
  • PWCS will not modify network access for any renter, which includes, but is not limited to: blocking or unblocking sites, removing filters, changing the network speed, or installing data drops, etc.
  • Renters are not permitted to use PWCS computers, laptops, or other devices which store student or staff data or may permit access to student or staff data.
  • Renters may not plug or unplug PWCS computers or other devices.
  • Renters may only be granted access to the web through the wireless network and are not permitted to plug devices directly into ethernet connections.
  • PWCS will neither create accounts for renters to use PWCS equipment or devices nor give out passwords which would permit access to the network via a method other than the wireless one.