Career and Transition Services

Mission Statement

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To provide innovative, high quality transition support services to students with disabilities. Emphasis is placed on developing the student's self-determination and those skills necessary for achieving successful post-secondary outcomes. Outcomes may include, but are not limited to, independent living, vocational training, employment and post-secondary education. All services will be provided in a manner consistent with student-centered planning and will reflect the student's unique characteristics, talents, interests, and desires.

Program Description

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Transition Services refers to those programs and services provided by Prince William County Public Schools' Special Education Department that are specifically designed to prepare and support students with disabilities in their transition from high school to adult roles.

This includes:

  • Assisting students in identifying a post-secondary vision for themselves based upon their interests and preferences,
  • Assisting students in identifying their transition related needs and in planning for their transition,
  • Providing instructional opportunities to students so that they may acquire the skills necessary for adult life,
  • Providing opportunities for career awareness, career exploration, and the development of appropriate work behaviors and marketable job skills,
  • Facilitating linkages with adult services, vocational training and post-secondary education providers,

The ultimate goal is for students to participate in meaningful activities that will equip them with the requisite skills to live successful and rewarding lives.

Administrative Contacts

David Williams, Ed.S.

[email protected]

Ann Johnson, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

Wendy Morris, Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]