Changing From a Provisional to Renewable License

The PWCS Certification Office will process your documents to change from a provisional license to a renewable license when you have completed all deficiencies associated with your provisional license.

License holders must complete all requirements for a full, renewable license by April 15 of the year in which the provisional license expires. This is before the expiration date of the license to meet contract requirements for the next school year.

Please send the following to the PWCS - HR, Office of Certification:

Use the following guidelines to ensure the accuracy of the License Application:
  1. The VDOE will not accept electronic signatures; faxed, copied or scanned applications. 
  2. Complete and print out your VDOE license application. Make sure your print settings allow the license application to print in single sheets. Each page must contain a signature line. The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) does not accept two-sided pages. The VDOE requires the application to be in the original format.
  3. Sign in blue or black ink and date your license application on the same date you send in the application.

  • Addresses on all licensure forms must match the address on file with Prince William County Public  Schools. To verify your current address on file or to update your address go to Employee Self Service (ESS). Your login and password for ESS are the same as your PWCS login information. (Note: Paper address change forms are no longer accepted, employees must make all address changes using ESS.)
  • No fee is required when changing from a provisional license to a renewable license or if your initial license application fee was paid and your license application has expired.
  • Official documentation that you have completed all deficiencies listed on your provisional license.
  • Official Transcripts (if applicable) of any course deficiencies that VDOE does not already have on file. All transcripts should be ordered and sent to your home address so that you may include them with your licensure packet.

    IMPORTANT: Use caution when ordering transcripts. Official transcripts with a stamp or seal are required. Some institutions contract with other companies (third-party) to issue official transcripts. The transcripts may be accepted if received in sealed envelopes. Placement records sent from colleges, electronic transcripts, grade reports, PDFs, photocopies, and student printouts of transcripts will not be accepted. In some cases, you may have to contact the registrar's office directly to make a special request for acceptable transcripts. Marked up or highlighted transcripts are also not accepted.
  • Praxis II, VCLA, RVE score sheet (if applicable). Testing centers may have informed you that electronic submission of scores have been sent to the VDOE however you must provide a copy of all assessment score sheets directly to the PWCS Office of Certification for all licensure purposes.
  • A College Verification Form (Word) will be required if you completed an approved license program at a college. (You should complete the top portion of this form and send it to your College, your College will complete and return the signed form to you.

There is no fee to change from a provisional to a renewable license. However, if you have earned a higher degree since your initial licensure process with the VDOE, (such as adding Masters) please see "Add Degree" on the Licensure Request Form. The fee of $25 made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia and acceptable transcripts will be required.

One complete, single licensure packet with supporting documentation for all licensure processes may be sent via the interoffice courier mail service from your school/work location to PWCS - HR, Office of Certification, or mail licensure packets via U.S. mail to:

Kelly Leadership Center,
PWCS - HR, Office of Certification
P.O. Box 389
Manassas, VA 20108

You can check the Certification website's Alpha Roster of Requests mailed to VDOE (Excel) to confirm that your documents were processed and mailed to the VDOE.