License Renewal for PWCS Employees

When Do I Renew? How Do I Renew?

License Renewal Training Requirements

How many points do I need to renew a license?

  • Five-year renewable license holders must present 180 points for renewal and will be issued a ten-year renewable license. This applies to licenses expiring in 2024. License holders are only required to verify 180 points, additional points earned do not need to be included or verified with evidence for the license renewal process. Your renewed license will be effective for 10 years.
  • Ten-year renewable license holders will need to present 270 points for license renewal (note: this is the information available at present and is pending Administrative Process Act Regulation updates). This applies to licenses expiring 2028 or later.

How can I earn points for license renewal?

  • Use the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual (Word) to learn more about the eight options available to earn points for license renewal, maximum points allowed for each option and examples of how to verify points earned.

How do I earn professional development points?

The PWCS Professional Learning Catalog provides professional development opportunities for license holders to earn points for license renewal. You must be logged into your PWCS Office 365 account to gain access. Once logged in, select "All Apps" and locate "PS-Professional Learning Catalog."

Some course offerings may offer college credit. If you need assistance on your login credentials, contact the Professional Learning Office at 703-791-7369.

Other Resources for Renewal Points

Behavior Intervention and Support Training - A series of modules to inform Virginia school personnel on the Regulations Governing the Use of Seclusion and Restraint in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in Virginia can be found on the ODU VDOE joint webpage and can be completed at no cost and worth 5 renewal points. Include a copy of the certificate with your license renewal packet verifying completion.

TeacherDirect from VDOE: this resource provides professional development activities and opportunities for learning. Some workshops, symposiums, and institutes offered have an associated fee and other options may be at no cost. Check out the opportunities for your subject area of interest and learn more about what is happening in Virginia to assist teachers in the classroom and increase knowledge in education.

College Credit

If you choose to use Renewal Point Option 1, College Credit, all semester hours or credits must be earned through a Regionally Accredited Agency.

Common Resources to Earn College Credit Online Include

External Credit Request Process for PWCS

PWCS staff are able to submit and track external credit requests in the professional learning catalog. License holders may use this method to obtain approval from your principal/advisor when you have completed activities outside of the professional learning catalog and you want to use them for license renewal. The External Credit Request replaces the manual process of submitting the paper renewal packet to your principal/advisor for approval. Once approved by your principal/advisor the external credit hours will appear on your professional learning transcript and may be used for your digital license renewal process when completed within your renewal period. This may include points earned through college coursework, conferences, curriculum development, educational projects, publications, mentorship/supervision or any other educational activity not offered through the Professional Learning Catalog.

Learn more about the External Credit Approval Process

Administrator's External Credit Approval Process Instructions

Most Common License Renewal Mistakes

  • Packet sent to the VDOE in error. All packets must be sent to the PWCS Office of Certification.
  • Check endorsed incorrectly. Checks should be made payable to "Treasurer of Virginia"
  • Wrong year on check. Date of check must reflect current year.
  • Points under Option 8 listed as under 5 points. Activities must be 5 or more points. Similar activities can be combined.

Please Note

  • The $50 renewal fee covers all endorsements, regardless of the number of endorsements reflected on a license.
  • A Superintendent's License is a separate license and requires an additional fee of $50 to renew.
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It is the responsibility of the license holder to maintain a valid license issued by the Virginia Department of Education. Progress should be made each year towards license renewal requirements and reflected on the performance evaluation process accordingly. Non-compliance of license renewal requirements and deadlines may result in a recommendation for non-renewal of the contract or dismissal from a position.