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Human Resources Department

We will provide leadership and support for excellence and equity in education.

The Human Resources Department is committed to attracting, supporting, and retaining the highest quality employees dedicated to the PWCS Strategic Plan with the vision that every student will graduate on-time with the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to create a thriving future for themselves and their community.

Contact Information

Human Resources Department Information

Office Name Phone
Employment Service Center

Jessica Carranza

Liliana Michaud

Jessica Garcia

Ashli Coppola


Kelly Leadership Center and Human Resources Receptionist

Employment Verification, Loan Forgiveness Request, and Kelly Leadership Room Scheduling

Maria Meraz

Fax: 703-791-8560

Email: [email protected]

Title Name Email Phone
Chief Human Resources Officer Donna Eagle, Ed.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCP [email protected] 703-791-8377
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief Human Resources Officer Melissa Cook [email protected] 703-791-8377
Fax: 703-791-8033
Director of Human Resources Michele Salzano, Ed.S., SHRM-CP [email protected] 703-791-8767
Assistant Director Human Resources Michelle Colbert, Ed.D. [email protected] 703-791-8767
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director of Human Resources Tammitha Griffith [email protected] 703-791-8767
Fax: 703-791-8358
Director of Benefits and Compensation Sandra Hardeman [email protected] 703-791-8568
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director of Benefits Ann Holt [email protected] 703-791-8568
Supervisor, Employee Relations Matthew Wygal, Ed.D. [email protected] 703-791-8767
Coordinator, Employee Relations Raquel Beaudoin [email protected] 703-791-8767
Administrative Assistant III, Employee Relations Danielle R. Richardson [email protected] 571-343-5580

Administrative Recruitment and Retention

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Administrative Recruitment and Retention Connie Balkcom, M.Ed., SHRM-SCP [email protected] 571-374-6881
Coordinator, Administrative Recruitment Jodi Puhlick [email protected] 571-374-6881
Coordinator, Administrative Staffing and Compensation Christine DiModica [email protected] 703-791-8959

Instructional Employment

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Elementary Schools and Special Education Instructional Employment
Central Area Schools A-L and All Eastern Area Schools
Alfie Turner, M.Ed., SHRM-CP [email protected] 703-791-8774
Supervisor, Elementary Schools and Special Education Instructional Employment
Central Area Schools M-Z and All Western Area Schools
Amber Macerelli [email protected] 703-791-8774
Human Resources Specialist for Elementary Schools Kara Ashcraft [email protected] 703-791-8774
Supervisor, Performance Management - PWCS Perform, Records, and Professional Performance Process Natalie Bonshire [email protected] 571-374-6553
Human Resources Specialist for Performance Management and Special Tasks Johnia Jordan, SHRM-CP [email protected] 701-791-8589
Supervisor, Middle Schools and Special Education Instructional Employment Roberta Knetter, Ed.D. [email protected] 703-791-8776
Supervisor, High Schools and Special Education Instructional Employment Ryan Ferrera [email protected] 703-791-8776
HR Coordinator, Recruitment, Selections, and Retention Jeffrey K. Hunt [email protected] 571-402-3124
Administrative Coordinator, Instructional Employment and Classified Employment Vacant   571-402-3790
Human Resources Specialist for Middle and High Schools Elizabeth Defrietas [email protected] 703-791-8776
Supervisor of Special Education Staffing and Recruitment Scott Reeder [email protected] 703-791-8776
Staffing Assistant, Middle and High School Employment Ashli R. Coppola [email protected] 703-791-8050
Staffing Assistant, Elementary School Employment Liliana Michaud [email protected] 703-791-8050

Employee Benefits

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Benefits and Retirement Services Elisa Pickette [email protected] 703-791-8780
Administrative Coordinator, Benefits and Retirement Services Kathy Snow, SHRM-SCP [email protected] 571-402-3880
Coordinator, HR Data and Program Evaluation John Bresnahan [email protected] 703-791-8770
Coordinator, American Disabilities Act Kendra Johnson Ed.D [email protected] 703-791-8514
Benefits Specialist:
Health Insurance, COBRA, and Flexible Spending Benefits
Carrie Kelly-Reich [email protected] 571-374-6954
Benefits Specialist:
Supplemental Retirement, Lincoln Financial, 403b & 457, Tuition Reimbursement, VRS Hybrid Plan, and
Retirement Opportunity Program (ROP)
Jill Argueta [email protected] 703-791-8927
Time and Leave Specialist, Last Names A-I Anita Sweeney [email protected] 703-791-7203
Time and Leave Specialist, Last Names J-O Debra Esguerra [email protected] 703-791-7228
Time and Leave Specialist, Last Names P-Z Evelyn Hernandez Aguilar [email protected] 703-791-8769
Retirement Specialist
Virginia Retirement System (VRS), PWCS Retirement Process,
and Retiree Health Benefits
Kristin Brittigan [email protected] 703-791-8772
Benefits Assistant Jacqueline Long [email protected] 703-791-8022

Employee Compensation and Classification

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Compensation and Classification Eunice Bourque [email protected] 703-791-8778
Coordinator, Compensation & Classification Vacant 703-791-8778
Administrative Coordinator, HRIS Software & Training Michelle Francis [email protected] 571-402-3764
Compensation Specialist for Administrative and Instructional Staff Lisa Figueroa [email protected] 571-402-3760
Compensation Specialist for Classified Staff April Glover [email protected] 703-791-8766

Recruitment and Retention

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Recruitment and Retention Sean P. McDonald [email protected] 703-791-8950
Supervisor, Special Education Staffing and Recruitment Melissa Johnson [email protected] 703-791-8995
Human Resources Specialist, Recruitment Cheri Bradford [email protected] 703-791-8995
Administrative Coordinator, Recruitment Veronica W. Jackson [email protected] 703-791-8520
Organizational Development Specialist:
National Board Certification and Growing our Own Programs
Kelli Stenhouse [email protected] 703-791-8020

Certification and Compliance

Title Name Email Phone
Administrative Coordinator, Certification and Compliance Shelby Elliott [email protected] 703-791-8775
Fax: 703-791-8848
HR Specialist, Certification and Compliance Michelle Quinn [email protected] 703-791-8093
Certification Specialist, Last Names A-L Laurie Zumwalt [email protected] 571-402-3123
Certification Specialist, Last Names M-Z Jennifer Missner [email protected] 703-791-7465
Compliance Specialist, Last Names A-K
(compliance and fingerprinting)
Aldis Mujaj [email protected] 703-791-8958
Fax: 703-791-8848
Compliance Specialist, Last Names L-Z
(compliance and fingerprinting)
Yomara Saravi [email protected] 703-791-8382

Classified Employment

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Classified Employment Jennifer Rydholm, SHRM-SCP, SPHR [email protected] 703-791-8369
Supervisor, Classified Employment Julie Vuillemot, SHRM-SCP, SPHR [email protected] 703-791-8048
Human Resources Specialist, Classified Employment Zulma Avelar [email protected] 703-791-8733
Human Resources Specialist, Classified Employment Kiara Wyatt [email protected]  703-791-7985
HR and Recruitment Coordinator, Transportation Jessica Sanchez [email protected] 703-791-8735
Administrative Coordinator, Classified Employment Elizabeth Blancke, SHRM-SCP [email protected] 703-791-8799
Administrative Coordinator, Classified Employment Miranda Jones [email protected] 571-374-6397
Administrative Coordinator, Classified Employment Sarah Hudson, SHRM-CP [email protected] 703-791-8026
Administrative Coordinator, Classified Employment Sean McDonald, M.Ed., SHRM-CP [email protected] 703-791-8012
Administrative Coordinator, Classified Employment Rebecca Arnette, SHRM-CP [email protected] 571-374-6953
Staffing Assistant, Classified Jessica Carranza [email protected] 703-791-8050

Substitute and Temporary Employment

Title Name Email Phone
Supervisor, Substitutes and Temporary Employment Christi Hetrick, PHR [email protected] 703-791-7327
Administrative Coordinator, Substitutes and Temporary Employment Drucila Jimenez [email protected] 703-791-7466
Fax: 703-791-8021
Administrative Coordinator, Special Projects Pam Mahone, SHRM-CP, PHR [email protected] 571-402-3825
Human Resources Specialist Susan Cox [email protected] 703-791-7327
Human Resources Specialist Rebecca Ealley [email protected] 571-374-6858
Substitute Support Specialist Monica Skinner [email protected] 703-791-7897
Staffing Assistant, Substitutes and Temporary Employees Jessica Garcia [email protected] 703-791-8050


Human Resources Department
Kelly Leadership Center
First Floor
14715 Bristow Rd.
Manassas, VA 20112

Visitors and school-based employees should park on the Bristow Road side of the Kelly Leadership Center and enter through the main doors near the flag pole.