Frequently Asked Questions About Use of the KLC

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Why am I unable to submit a request for use of the KLC as I can with the schools?
Currently, the KLC is not set up to allow online requests from the community. Users must complete and submit a separate application, and the event will be scheduled by Risk Management and Security upon approval by PWCS administration.
I submitted a request "X" number of days ago, but haven't heard anything back. How long does it normally take to receive an approval?
For most requests, applicants should expect to receive a reply within 3-5 business days for a simple activity. Certain events scheduled to take place on a weekend, those involving extended use of the building and/or grounds, or unusual events (e.g., political activities) may take longer to approve.
My use of the building was denied. Why is that?
Availability of the space depends upon the type of activity, number of expected attendees, the date, and time. The date requested may already have an event scheduled. In some cases, the date, time, and room may be available, but other activities taking place on the proposed date of use may impede parking.
May I visit/view the areas before I decide to use the space?
Yes! We encourage interested renters do so. If you would like to survey a room prior to use, please visit the KLC during normal business hours and sign in as a visitor. It is highly recommended that renters make an appointment with Risk Management and Security. Please call 703-791-7435 ahead of time to confirm the room is unoccupied. If the space is currently in use, you will not be able to view it.
I need a place to hold an event ASAP! Can I use the KLC?
Reservations must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days in advance for simple activities, such as small meetings. For even larger activities, which may utilize the majority of the facility (e.g., job fair), it is recommended they be submitted 30 or more days in advance. Due to the volume of internal requests that take place at the KLC each day, we are unable to accommodate last-minute requests.
I will need space for a group that meets weekly/monthly at the same time and in the same area. Is this a possibility?
As it is, the KLC is unable to accommodate weekly recurring meetings of any kind. Only monthly meetings may be considered.
When will I be subject to paying fees?
Rental fees will apply if the organization requesting use is nonprofit (excluding government agencies), a commercial entity, or if the event is a personal/private activity. Personnel fees apply if the event will take place on a weekend. Organizations using the facility on a weekday, which fail to conclude activities by the mandatory end time of 9 p.m. will also be assessed at a minimum, one hour of personnel.

Invoices are generated by Risk Management and Security and must be paid in advance with a check made out to Prince William County Public Schools. Our KLC Fee Schedule page provides additional details regarding rates.

My event has been approved, but I need to cancel or change the room/date/time. How do I do this?
Please contact Risk Management and Security at 703-791-7435 or [email protected] to request changes to a scheduled event. Please be aware that significant changes to a request may render PWCS unable to accommodate the event or require additional permits to be filed with the PWC government.
I have a question about use of the KLC that doesn't seem to be answered on the website. How can I find the information I need?
For general questions about community use at the Kelly Leadership Center, please contact Risk Management and Security at 703-791-7435 or email [email protected].