Activities and Restrictions

Availability Of The KLC

The KLC is available on a very limited basis for non-PWCS sponsored activities. PWCS-sponsored events and those PWCS-affiliated organizations, such as our partners conducting activities solely to the benefit of our students and/or staff, shall have first priority of usage, followed by VA state and local government agencies. All other groups will be permitted to reserve the building on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Common Permitted Activities

Due to it's structure, the KLC is primarily set up to accommodate events such as: educational classes, conferences, meetings, training sessions, banquets/dinners, and small vendor/job fairs. Other activities which fall outside of the noted events, will be considered on a case-by-case basis as space and occupancy limits permit.

Restricted Events

Please note that at this time, PWCS is unable to accommodate the following types of activities at the KLC:

  • Baby or bridal showers;
  • Birthday parties;
  • Graduation parties;
  • Family reunions;
  • Recurring weekly meetings of any kind;
  • Sunday activities; and
  • Weddings and/or wedding receptions.

For the above types of activities, PWCS recommends renting space at a school building.

Our Prohibited Events page also lists activities which PWCS does not permit to take place on school property.