General Guidelines for Use

General Guidelines for Organizations Requesting Space


KLC General Guidelines (PDF) - Print Only

  1. The KLC is available for rent during the weekday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. All events must end by 9:00 p.m. during the week. On Saturdays, all events must end by 4:00 p.m. The KLC is not available for indoor use on Sundays. Use of the grounds and parking lot will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Renters must submit requests for use of the KLC at least 15 days in advance for small events (e.g., meeting of 20 or less) and 30 days in advance for larger/more complex activities (e.g., vendor fair, meetings of 30 or more).
  3. Due to the high volume of internal use, it is recommended reservations for space be made as far in advance as possible. Non-PWCS organizations are permitted to submit requests for use of the KLC up to one year in advance.
  4. Local, state, and Federal government agencies will have second priority of use, but only as space permits. All other requests will be considered tertiary. Use will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  5. Organizations will not be permitted to schedule the KLC atrium and first floor conference rooms (i.e., 1101, 1101A & 1101B) on Wednesdays.
  6. Due to changes in security, renters will no longer be permitted to reserve the second and third floor conference rooms during public school board meetings. 
  7. The KLC will be unavailable for use on Sundays, federal holidays, holiday weekends or other PWCS-designated closures (e.g., Spring Break).
  8. When a Code Red is implemented, due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, all activities scheduled at the KLC will also automatically be canceled. When delayed openings or early closures are announced, events will be canceled if the delay or early closure affects the hours the community use event was scheduled to take place. At PWCS' discretion and if space permits, organizations affected by early closures or delays may alter their hours of use.
  9. Outdoor events, which do not require access to the indoor facilities, may only take place with prior approval from Risk Management and Security.
  10. Requests to reserve the KLC conference rooms for multi-day training during normal business hours will be declined.
  11. Weekly recurring meetings cannot be accommodated at the KLC. Monthly meetings will be considered as availability permits.
  12. Requests to reserve the KLC conference rooms for all-day events during normal business hours may be declined if the activity would prevent mandatory PWCS-sponsored events from taking place.
  13. The atrium is not available to non-PWCS organizations during normal work hours and all use scheduled for the atrium must take place after 5 p.m. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis for setups and only if such setups would not impact use already scheduled at the KLC.
  14. The KLC is unable to accommodate personal/private events. Personal/private events include, but are not limited to: baby showers, birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, and wedding receptions. If you are interested in holding these activities, please consider using a school instead.
  15. Catering services (including access to the kitchen for basics such as ice, water, utensils, and linens) are no longer available at the KLC. Those wishing to provide meals or light refreshments may use any caterer of choice.
  16. Organizations are not permitted to temporarily or permanently store materials, décor, equipment, etc. at the KLC. Exceptions may be made for setups left intact overnight for events taking place the following morning.
  17. Large/special events held by PWCS may render the facility unavailable, even if the activity would not take place in the space the organization wishes to reserve.
  18. PWCS will make every effort to ensure that organizations scheduled to use the KLC are able to conduct their activities as requested. However, there may be times when an event must be canceled. Reasons for cancellations may include, but are not limited to: inclement weather, rescheduling a canceled PWCS activity on a date when community use was scheduled, emergency situations, and construction, repairs, and/or renovations.