Advertising Community Use Events

Flyers and Other Forms of Advertisement

a woman holding a sign that reads, "your ad here"
The below process is only for organizations renting school facilities through the community use program. For all other requests to distribute flyers, you must contact the Community and Business Engagements Department for permission.

Renters are permitted to advertise their upcoming community use events with prior approval from PWCS. Inquiries are normally answered within 2 - 5 business days; however, PWCS recommends that requests to advertise be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the activity. Renters must adhere to the following stipulations:

  • Distribution of flyers/advertising to the community may only take place once the activity has been approved.
  • An electronic copy of the flyer must be sent to [email protected] for review. The flyer will be forwarded to Community and Business Engagement for further review, if necessary.
  • Requests to advertise should be submitted at least 15 days in advance to ensure enough time is granted to approve the request.
  • All advertisements must clearly display, "These activities are neither sponsored nor endorsed by PWCS." Flyers without this wording will not be approved for distribution.
  • Flyers may not be posted in school facilities or on school property, with the exception of those organizations defined as partners, sponsors, and SPARK donors approved by Community and Business Engagements as it relates to the promotion of PWCS.
  • No direct advertisement to students may take place and requests to send advertisements home with students will be denied.
  • Groups may place banners or signs on school property, but only for dates and times the facility is being rented. At the conclusion of the event, all signage must be removed.
  • Political organizations are required to limit signage to an enclosed area of use when students occupy the facility. Please review our Political Events page for additional details regarding these types of events.
  • Businesses which sell alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or other products or services which are unacceptable for student use, incidental to the sale or delivery of other non-objectionable products or services, may advertise if the advertising does not feature the objectionable product or service (e.g., restaurants which sell alcohol incidental to the sale of food products).

For additional information related to advertising, please review Regulation 923-1, Commercial Advertising and Regulation 925-1, Distribution of Materials and Communications In The Schools By Outside Sources.