Closures And Inclement Weather

Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather

Photo of a snowman with no eyes or nose

In the event schools are closed due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions, community use activities will also automatically be canceled. Renters are responsible for notifying their members of such cancellations. PWCS highly recommends that all users scheduled for weekend use establish a contact at the school level, if possible.

Information About Closures Online

School closures are regularly posted on the Closings, Delays, and Emergencies webpage. For detailed information regarding the codes used by PWCS to explain closing/delayed openings and how the weather has affected schools and activities, please visit the Inclement Weather Codes page.

Other Ways To Stay Informed

  • Official PWCS Twitter account @PWCSnews;
  • PWCS Facebook;
  • Alerts on the PWCS Homepage and school webpages;
  • Posted on PWCS-TV (Channel 18 on Comcast and Channel 36 on Fios); and
  • Area radio and television stations.

About Snow Removal At School Sites

Community use events have no bearing on how quickly or when snow is removed. As such, renters should refrain from inquiring with staff about timelines for the completion of snow removal at any facility and/or if the facility may be used once the work is completed. Decisions to close are based upon the accessibility and safety of all schools across the county. Notifications will be posted when the community may once again resume use for activities.

See also the Snow Removal Schedule webpage.