Parent/Student Device Handbook

PWCS Parent/Student Digital Device Handbook

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The use of digital devices in PWCS is an integral part of the PWCS learning environment, and the policies governing the use of digital devices support all academic use. To maintain the integrity of the use of digital devices, all students and parents/guardians must acknowledge and agree to the following conditions of use, per Regulation 350.02-2:

1.1 General Information

The procedures and information within this document apply to all student issued digital devices used in PWCS. Teachers may set additional requirements for their classrooms.

1.2 Obtaining the Digital Device

Schools will issue devices and assign the student's device inventory number in the device inventory management system.

Parents/Guardians must sign the Digital Device Student Loan Agreement in the Back to School Packet in ParentVUE at the start of each school year.

1.3 Returning the Digital Device

Digital devices will be returned back to the school from which the device originated. Students who withdraw, are suspended or expelled, or terminate enrollment from PWCS must return their digital device with accessories on the date of termination. If a student is transferring schools, the device should be returned to the school's TSSPEC prior to the transfer; they will be re-assigned a new device at their new school.  Students who fail to return the digital device could require the school division to take legal action to recover the cost of such damage from the parents of such students.

2.1 Care of Digital Devices

2.2 General Guidelines

  • Follow local, state, and federal laws, as well as all applicable School Board policies and regulations.
  • Keep digital devices secure and damage free.
  • Ensure activity on the digital devices is school appropriate.
  • Do not delete browser history.
  • Do not leave digital devices unattended.

2.3 Traveling to and from School

  • Always completely shut down digital devices before traveling.
  • Always protect digital devices from weather.
  • Digital devices are not to be left in vehicles.
  • Use your backpack or two hands to carry digital devices.
  • If ever in a situation when someone is threatening you for your digital device, give it to them and tell a staff member as soon as you arrive at school.

2.4 Lockers and Backpacks

  • Digital devices should not be stored at the bottom of your locker or backpack.
  • Books and other items should not be placed on top of digital devices.
  • Digital devices should never be left in a bag unattended or in an open locker.

2.5 Security Requirements

  • Sharing of logins and passwords is not acceptable. (Exception: students can share this information with their parents/guardians.)
  • Using, producing, or distributing programs to harass others, bringing in viruses, or changing files is not acceptable.
  • NEVER share personal identifiable information.

3.1 Using Your Digital Device at School

Digital devices are intended for use during each day with teacher direction. Students must bring their digital device to all classes unless specifically instructed not to do so by their teacher.

3.2 Digital Devices Left at Home

Not having your digital device at school will not be an excuse for not participating in class or completing assignments. Loaner digital devices may not be available to students who forgot to bring their digital devices to school or failed to charge it at home.

3.3 Digital Device Undergoing Repair

Loaner digital devices may be issued to students when the assigned digital devices have been sent out for repair.

3.4 Classroom Use

  • Center the digital device on your lap or on the table/desk.
  • Always save your files in OneDrive using Microsoft Office 365.
  • Do not loan digital device chargers or cords.
  • Close digital devices before walking away from them.
  • Follow all directions given by the teacher when using digital devices.

3.5 Hallways

  • Always use two hands to carry digital devices.
  • Keep digital devices closed when walking with them.
  • Log off and close digital devices before changing classes.

3.6 Photos and Videos

  • Web cams are to be used for educational purposes only, and under the direction of a teacher.
  • Web cams can be used for school-related projects such as recording videos, a student speech, a student performance, a musical rehearsal, or taking pictures.

3.7 Sound, Music, Games, or Movies

Sound must be muted while in class unless permission is given by the teacher. All content (e.g., music, games, or movies) on the digital device must be appropriate, used in a responsible manner, and at the discretion of the teacher.

3.8 Apps

Due to the limited amount of space on the digital device and to ensure the device is ready for instructional use, students are not allowed to download personal apps or personal software.

3.9 Troubleshooting the Digital Device:

  • When an issue arises, students should save their work immediately to OneDrive in Office 365.
  • Students are encouraged to first try to fix the problem with the following steps:
    1. Restart the digital device;
    2. Ask a teacher for help;
    3. Visit the Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) or Technology Support Specialist (TSSPEC) in the building to troubleshoot the issue.
    4. Contact the Help Desk.

4.1 Home Use

4.2 Proper Care

  • Bring digital devices fully charged at home to school each day.
  • Store digital devices on a desk or a table, not on the floor.
  • Do not deface or place stickers or markings on digital devices, power cords, or chargers.
  • Protect digital devices from extreme heat or cold, food or drinks, water or moisture, and pets.

4.3 Home Internet Use

  • Students in grades K-12 are allowed to set up wireless networks on their digital devices for use at home. Parent/guardian supervision is expected while digital devices are used at home. At school, PWCS filters and monitors internet activity through technology protective measures used to block or filter internet or other forms of electronic communications, and filtering is applied to all materials deemed inappropriate, in accordance with applicable laws. However, PWCS filtering technology does not offer the same protection for home use.
  • Contact your school if you need assistance with home internet, support is available to provide free at-home internet.

5.1 Managing Your Files and Saving Your Work

5.2 Saving Documents

Students may save their work in OneDrive using Microsoft Office 365, a cloud-based communication and collaboration tool, hosted by Microsoft and managed by PWCS. Documents may be emailed to their teachers or themselves as backup using their Microsoft Office 365 student email account. Digital device malfunctions are not an acceptable excuse for not submitting assignments.

5.3 Printing

PWCS digital devices will not have printing capabilities. Any documents that require printing can be printed at school or at home by logging onto a computer, going to the student's Office 365 account, and then printing the document.

6.1 Responsible Use

6.2 Statement of Responsibility

The guidelines and requirements below are established so students and parents/guardians are aware of their responsibilities when using PWCS technology assets. When using PWCS technology assets and other technology resources, students and parents/guardians must adhere to the guidelines and requirements set forth in this document, the Digital Device User Agreement, as well as all applicable PWCS School Board policies and regulations, including, but not limited to, Regulation 295-1, Computer Systems and Network Services- PWCS Responsible Use and Internet Safety Policy, the student "Code of Behavior," and all applicable classroom rules.

Violations of these guidelines and requirements will result in disciplinary action.

6.3 Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Discuss with your student the values and standards you expect your student to follow with regard to the use and care of the digital device, and the use of the internet.
  • Parents/Guardians shall be responsible for adhering to the PWCS Responsible Use and Internet Safety policy and regulation and using PWCS digital devices and network services for assignments directly related to the curriculum.
  • Parent/Guardian supervision is an expectation for the use of digital devices. The school division cannot control all aspects of student use while the student is off school property. Students are subject to the same guidelines while not in school.
  • Internet safety instruction is the responsibility of all PWCS instructional personnel, along with support from the parent/guardian when not in school. Additional resources can found on the Digital Citizenship, Internet Safety & Media Literacy webpage.

6.4 Student Responsibilities

  • Use digital devices in a responsible and ethical manner.
  • Follow the guidelines in Regulation 295-1, "Computer Systems and Network Services- PWCS Responsible Use and Internet Safety Policy," the student "Code of Behavior."
  • Violation of these policies and regulations and the PWCS Responsible Use and Internet Safety Policy may result in corrective action, loss of technology-use privileges, and penalties under law. Use of PWCS computers, networks, and internet systems is a privilege, not a right, and can be withdrawn by the school division at any time.
  • Return the digital device at the end of the school year following school division procedures. For continuing programs, students will receive the same digital device during the next school year.
  • No student shall maliciously or willfully damage, deface, or destroy school property. This includes computer and other electronic vandalism. Students are responsible for reimbursing the school division for actual breakage or destruction of property, or for the failure to return property owned by, or under the control of, the school division. Corrective action may be taken against students who fail to return property owned by the school division, which may include legal action to recover the cost of such damage from the parents/guardians of such students.

6.5 Student Responsibilities When Using Microsoft Office 365

  • Outlook email and OneDrive must be used for educational purposes.
  • Understand that Outlook email and OneDrive are monitored by PWCS to ensure appropriate use.
  • Understand that all Outlook email, OneDrive, and contents are the property of PWCS and are subject to search at any time.
  • If a student receives an inappropriate email or document in OneDrive, teachers should be notified as soon as possible.
  • Outlook email and OneDrive should only be used by the owner of the account.

7.1 Liability

The parent/guardian/student is responsible for any cost to replace the digital device within 30 days if the device is:

  • Not returned;
  • Intentionally damaged;
  • Lost or damaged due to negligence; or
  • Stolen. A report must be filed with the School Security Officer the next school day.

7.2 Optional Device Insurance

Parents/guardians have the option to purchase low-cost student device insurance through the PWCS-approved third-party vendor, Securranty.

  • If purchased, the insurance covers unlimited repairs or replacements for everything from broken screens, lost chargers, and accidental damage, with a zero deductible for one year on a school-issued device. The insurance cost is $29.95, which may be significantly less than repair or replacement costs without insurance.
  • Visit Securranty website to purchase.

8.1 Damaged or Lost Digital Devices

PWCS recognizes that with provisioning student digital devices, there is a need to protect the investment of both the school division and the parent/guardian/student. Students who lose or damage a digital device (e.g., tablet, laptop) beyond future use and do not have digital device insurance may be asked for restitution to the school-based finance specialist. Consideration will be given to students whose families are experiencing financial hardship. The following are the digital device replacement costs based on the age of the device:

Digital Device - Laptop

  • Up to One Year $308
  • Between One and Two Years $231
  • Between Two and Three Years $154
  • Between Three and Four Years $77

Digital Device - iPad

  • Up to One Year $245/285
  • Between One and Two Years $184/214
  • Between Two and Three Years $123/143
  • Between Three and Four Years $61/71

For lost or damaged chargers, contact the finance specialist at your student's school for the current replacement cost.

Device Loan Agreement